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Join the Free Life Foundation Community

Free Life Foundation, a God-driven non-profit for faith-fueled entrepreneurs, provides high-level courses, content (including the Biblical Business Wisdom newsletter), interviews with successful God-led entrepreneurs, prayer, and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and business leaders like yourself.

This road in entrepreneurship is difficult, then to add being a Christian in our given business left me searching for Godly instruction, direction, and a just like-minded community to share. The Lord heard my prayers, and I landed here. I want to praise and give God glory for leading me to this group. I’ll tell you, it has made a tremendous impact on my thinking.

When I felt lost and reached out for help, Sean Murphy took the time to open the Bible and point out what God had to say, incredibly powerful. Serving others to glorify the Lord requires Godly biblical counsel, and I am overjoyed to have found it here. If you wonder what happens during the daily prayer meetups, take a peak at the recordings. And the weekly Bible study sessions blow my mind every time! I gotta tell you, it led to a big breakthrough. I invite you to attend, participate, and experience what God has for you here.

Shaniqua Lewis

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