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Business Directory

Business Directory

Brio Medical

Brio-Medical fulfills your quest for total health and wellness at our state-of-the-art facility with science-backed natural treatments for the management of cancer, Lyme Disease, and other chronic illness.

Free Life Funding

Funding & Sales experts created a solution for businesses to the “can’t afford it” objection — by helping businesses offer funding solutions to their clients as part of the sales process.

With industry-leading efficiency, businesses partnered with Free Life Funding are able to offer their clients on-the-spot funding to have higher success in onboarding clients.

More clients able to say yes due to financial support with funding = more lives changed. Free Life Funding just took one of their clients — a coaching company — from $100k/mo —> $2M/mo cash collected in about 5 months… with just a few tweaks, including offering financing.

As a society we’re used to financing for homes, cars, education, etc, now Free Life Funding offers online education, coaches & consultants, dental offices, home improvement businesses and more the same ease with their point-of-sale financing solution.


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