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Underdog Millionaire

Business Overview

We believe that the Family is the foundation and example for every successful business. Our core ethos is God first, Family Second, and a business to fulfill the promise.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission is to impact the lives of 1 Billion families financially.

Products and Services

Bible-based Personal and Professional Development Coaching, Consulting, Events and Retreats

Who We Serve

We serve 40-50 year old married business owners who want to stop working in their business and instead work on their business so they can spend more time with their families because they are stretched too thin and feel unfulfilled by a profession they are not in love with. They're sick of having a business that feels like high school or a job. They want to take more vacations with their family, haven't explored if living and running a business 'on vacation' is possible or practical for their family. They want to learn how to make money from the passions they have and the problems they've solved in life and we teach them how to do this through coaching, consulting, events and retreats. We connect with most people via Facebook.

The Next Step For You

Discover the behavioral science perspective of biblical wealth principles. Book a Discovery Call today!

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Underdog Millionaire

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